Alrighty! Lets try this again!

Much better. Went through an uninstalling marathon for a while, anyways, I was trying to knock out a thank you blog, for all the love and support that you guys have shown me so far, and it REALLY is amazing how much you guys care. Plus, all the random questions are a major plus as well.

The… novel part for today isn’t happening, I didn’t get much sleep at all, and my mind’s in too much of a fog at the moment to begin fathoming on how to make everything awesome. though it is a great feeling not having to dea with the major lag that comes from having a slow computer, so I’m pretty psyched about that. I might repeat myself a few times because, like I said, I am still very groggy from the lack of sleep. I got maybe three or four hours of sleep, and it’s just messing with my head today.

On a side note, I’d like to extend the invitation too write a book with me to all of you! just hot me up on skype with an idea for the story, and we’ll do a back and forth writing style, only building upon the other persons last entry when it’s their turn, never deleting anything, and not to drag it on TOO long, because as we all know, writing a book DOES in fact take time, we’ll set the maximum amount of time to about a month PER book.I’ll give you a short example of what I mean:

the red ball bounced down the hill at an amazing rate.

Eventually, it stopped at a cross walk, waiting for a family of ducks to cross.

the ducklings were very cute.

And then the monster truck ran everything over.

something like that. but not as short and four times as fantastic.

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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