So, instead of a story parth this morning, you get this!

Well, that’s a weird as fuck programming glitch on wordpress, NEVER you mind about that kind of thing! anyways, last night was Ames birthday party, and for the most part, I did enjoy myself, as did Dan, aka Rainbow Dash. I’ll explain in a bit, anyways, I got to enjoy the awesome company of the woman herself, and as always, she was amzing as hell! get yer mind out of the gutter. Not like that you perv. As in, share in the joy that is being in her company… Something. fuck it, I had fun at her birthday party! There! Let’s just go with that! At anyrate, things went smoothly, and as you’ve probably guessed, we’re fucking awesome!  Enough gloating, the night went pretty smoothly for the small amount that I was there, I chatted up her folks first, because I just wanted to catch up with them and see how things were going, all that. No spoilers!

I also had the awesome pleasure of meeting a few family friends, one of which is THE SMOOTHEST MYSTICAL BASTARD I WILL EVER KNOW! Dear god, the man, I must talk about this guy, this dude- Guys, guys, you will NEVER truly know happiness till you shake this guys hand! You will NEVER know. NEVER! this dude looked like he belonged as the next James fucking Bond, as if he could’ve smacked Voldemort around just by the high level of fucking awesome he radiated! I completely blanked on his name. Anyways, silvery hair and beard, strong jaw line, must bench around 250 EASILY, and around the same height as myself, (Around 6 feet, 6 inches). OH MY GAWD, THIS GUY WAS EPIC AS ALL FUCK!

BUT, the piece della resistance rested squarely with Ames herself. At this point, should I continue this magnificent beast of a post, I should began complimenting her, and being the slightly flirty bastard I am, I find this a great awesome number of things. We’ve known each other for a few years, but instantly, I found her amazing in every way, literally. At this point, I was invited to sit by the star of the show, and we talked about a few thangs, most importantly, where we wanted to go to OFFICALLY celebrate her 21rst birthday, as per usual, Gators was the choice of the day, since all four of us have Sunday off. so really, it’s all awesome!

Let’s get to Rainbow Dash, and lemme tell ya a tale! So, Dan and I WERE buds until a few weeks ago when he caused some major tension.He first got in contact with me about a possible collaboration project, and I was all for it. At the time, he was with another friend of mine, who happened to be one of my NOW ex girlfriends sister. and THOSE two were together for a while before they broke up coincidently a few DAYS before HER sister and I broke up. I had no idea the connection till a month after BOTH our break ups. fun time! Anyways, Dan, aka Rainbow Dash,  invited me to our mutual friends Birthday party/New Years party, where he brought along Ames.

I arrived a few minutes before them and was busy just relxing and chatting with peoples about the book sales and all that. Anyways, The moment she walked in, the VERY moment we locked eyes, I felt two things, the first was that I really needed to use the bathroom, but the second and more important of the two was that I definitely needed her in my life. As time went on, the three of us became awesome friends, and I got to know their families, who are awesome in their own rights. However, and I should possibly point this out, I was detecting a bit of tension between the two families. not getting into details, cause I learned LONG ago, NEVER write down everything on your mind in a blog post. It’ll come back at ya, like that one Kirby show. Only not as fun, or filled with bathrobe wearing crowned frogs with mallets. King dedede.

Anyways, I now call Dan Rainbow Dash for this reason alone:
He dyed his bangs a few different bright colors, and it looks awful. I don’t do it to pick on him, I do it because it looks god awful on him. You have to understand that everyone has a different outward appearance when certain styles and fashions are applied to them. this guy is no different. some people look great with rainbow colored hair, and I get it’s mainly from knowing their awesome, and self confidence is a great thing, really, I totally approve. however, Rain Dash… Um, whoops. I’m sure he’d look awesome with a different combo. Really, just… not with… Rainbow colored bangs.

also, he caused a bit of chaos, called off our friendship, and became a kind of douche only ancient scrolls of long lost civilizations talk about only once.

Buuuut, he did behave himself, as did I, and Ames is the greatest woman alive!

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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