The Equilibrium of Nothing

I don’t know what it is about the world that confounds me so, it’s not as if the very mechanations that keep the planet within the orbital capacity elude me, I know very well, for a fact, that it’s simply the orbital rotation of the biosphere in combination with the speed at which the planet does so as well as the distance which keeps mother earth from plummeting into the fiery pits of that fucking sun. But how well do we actually know the space upon which we find ourselves? Thatm omentary glimpse into the nether region of darkness between the stars and the heavenly bodies themselves, the darkness itself. This part of outerspace is called dark matter, though we seem to be able to see through it as a fish would water… Confusing and entrancing both at the same time, yes?

to simply realize that we are on a ball, floating LITERALLY inthe middle of nothing. Simply space, another form of a universal ocean of mysteries. though, in truth there really is no mystery to it. It’s hard to imagine, but we are actually simply floating in nothingness. A space so vast, so open, so mind numbingly huge, that we, as a species in combination of the world itself, are as a speck of dust floating around a mansions dining room. Are we so insignificant in our own persuits that we forget the truth, that we are a species of explorers? I dare to say that line of thinking is well within our ranges, that given the tools and the resources, each and everyone of us can set about our own inster stellar journey. But alas, ours is a species consumed only by its own persuits. either through one form or another, we simply distract ourself to the terrible truth, that maybe, we ARE alone in the existence of the universe, that our very being, our very knowledge, is that of the above mentioned universal ocean… A fish knows it is in water, it knowns there is air and land and space, but it simply contends itself with being fish, and furthermore forgetting how to press onward and upward.

I say these things not as a foreshadowing of our own forgetfulness, rather as a invitation to explore all that we can in our own ranges, that we, as we currently are, are far more capable of feats os amazingly diverse (already quite the common knowledge, I assure you.) that we are sectioned into sub cultures, minicultures and so on and so forth. But is that really the fate we need for humanity? Of course, great thinkers like myself (though this may be the only time I claim to be such!) can only assume so much. We are after all is said and done, simply content to be fish, and never explore the alternate which may be spread before us. though one may never hold the future in their hands, as it is and can be quite the perilous journey.

time, the march forward, the distant past, and the ever present now, may be our only salvation in this regard. We must always observe that which came before, make preperations in the present so that we may more easily navigate whatever the future gives to us. though it won’t be an easily recieved gift, we must always press forward with great strides in persuit of the ever too willing dream of happiness.

Lest all before and all after the present moment be lost.

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