Okay, time for an update on the CORRECT blog… I hope.

alrighty, been a while since I’ve just unloaded, but then again, that’s what blogs are for right? first thing first, james holmes, don’t care, your ass deserves instagib for what you did, as well as who you claimed to be. THE JOKER HAS GREEN HAIR YOU MISERABLE LITTLE PRAT!

Secondly, the games going well, I still can’t believe how long the very first town is taking, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Given that I usually only have a limited amount of time to work on the game and/or book, it’s amazing that I’m making any progress at all. Still need to find a great side battler script for RMVXA so that I can at least get that little sumbitch taken care of. I’m finding it pretty easy to make maps and towns and all of that, that the simple part, the hard part, as is always the case, is getting the story down through the various character interactions as well as the branching story and conversation options. I’ve done just a tiny bit of that, as I don’t want to over load the game too much, though, myself being a chatter bug from time to time, it really does help flesh out the story THAT much more.

the only hard part is finding the time AND the concentration, and focus to knock it out the park, because at starbucks, I just get it done, at the house, always something going on, not the I mind, spending time with the family is IMPORTANTE, but when it starts getting in the way of the writing as well as the game making, it can be a bit frustrating. Especially during those moments where you’ve got a pin point laser focus, and holy shit you’re on a roll. But then somebody taps you on the shoulder and crap baskets, there goes the train of thought and you’re still on the platform.

Still, sometimes a break from the Tech can be a bit of a relief, you just have to not get greedy about things, and space your time out as evenly as you possibly can, while remembering to keep on trucking and improvise solution to certain issues along the way. I can’t stress enough how important time management is to me, and though at times, it can be a bit much… Speaking of things getting a bit much…

Let’s chat a bit about Twitter and Skype… Dear god, I miss doing videos, and thanks to getting Mondays off, I’ll have a day of the week to get all that fun stuff out of the way, since I’ll hopefully have the place to myself, OR even better, go to my little corner behind the Kmart and just knock out video after video. Because, even if you seriously don’t believe me at this point, I do have plans to keep on doing Twideos once day out of the week AFTER I get writing and game making out of the way.

It just seems like a dmaned impossibility at the moment. Partly because I’ve been so fucking busy with everything that I needed a break from it. trust me, I haven’t forgotten about you guys at all, things are just a bit stretched thin for me time wise, BUT tomorrow, I’ll have the place tomyself for a few hours out of the day and I’ll be able to knock videos out of the park left and right. You just need to have faith in my abilities to be awesome.

Also, regarding the SKype interviews, look, as much as spending time chatting with you guys is awesome, lines need to be drawn in the sand about the questions you’re asking me. the regular stuff, fun as hell, the questions where you try to insult me? not so much, I usually time each call, and it usually knocks on the five to ten minute range where things get a bit wonky. I REALLY don’t know why this is. But I DO value my time. And when I get a call that picks up to where no one’s really asking me anything, or talking to me, or really interacting with me, it just gets a bit frustrating. I know that not everything’s about me, and I know the world don’t revolve around my goofing off, even though it does seem like it from time to time… But in short, Five minute interviews from now on. I don’t mind the random one on one calls, but the group calls can be just a little bit much…

what else am I forgetting? Not much, just the usual lines of thought with writing as often as I can! i’m a pretty happy person, though with this split in my bottom lip, kinda makes it hard to smile, the skin stretching and the fun popping feeling from the middleo f my face is always a great time! It’s like New Years Day all over the place! Yay!

Well, that’s it for now… Just been a while since I posted a REALLY decent length blog!

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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