TLC Wins! Flawless Victory! Fatality!

Alrighty, ‪#‎finishhim‬ ‪#‎wellherewegoagain‬ ‪#‎wtftlc‬, Let’s get this over with. The TLC, has now become the discount store of edducational programming, educational in how NOT to run a Station line up. the show Here Comes Honey Booboo, while it WAS an awesome premise to show how the other side of the population lived, complete with more adorableness that a honey bear filled not with the trappings of honey, but with more potential redneck jokes then a Jeff Foxworthy concert, was doomed to fail.

No, that hair won’t keep the eighties away. The nineties? damn straight.

I did have something against the show, because it was something I wasn’t used to seeing, a plus sized family that could do no wrong. Then Mama June did a crapton of wrong by getting together with the dude that, well, put car parts where they shouldn’t’a been put. The only reason BEFORE Junegate I didn’t like the show was that it repulsed the utter crap out of me by how many catch phrases Honey Booboo herself spat out in the span of the shows run.

And yet, they were just one of the many heads of the Crappy TV Hydra.

Now, it’s because that show become more terrifying than the average American Horror Story season. Any one of ’em, I’ll let you choose. Now with the Duggars, the family with the factory line of baby making, going off the air for the fact that the Oldest son, Josh Duggar doing what shouldn’t’a been done, I can’t help but wonder if these popular shows that are family oriented are having these unfortunate circumstances forced on them by people who despise the shows and actually place themselves, or worse yet, their loved ones into theses horrifying situations.

This is the love that got Honey Booboo cancelled. #onceyouseeit

By no way am I saying that these things might ACTUALLY be happening, or these horrific situations are in someway the product of some demented CEO. In fact, I DO believe these shows downfalls are all natural fuck ups made both by the stars themselves AND the people that put them on the air.

This, this right the fuck here.

This is the death knell of the crazy train of insanity for the sanity for these shows. At some point, do the TV Execs get together in dark rune scrawled rooms, chant to their ancient sumerian TV gods and pray for something like this to happen? more importantly, wouldn’t the surgical choice be to keep these shows on the air, keep shooting the episodes, but cut out the segments the offending parties are in or involved with? But I guess this era of Trashy TV is still evolving, as any thing that breathes, metaphorically or physically does.

It’s called “Something that teachings something else the exact opposite of TLC”

Still a shame though… I never had a need to watch either show.

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