qwop motherfucker, do YOU Qwop it!?

Because I sure as FUCK don’t qwop to qwop, and even QWOP doesn’t qwop to qwop those, dirty little anal snakers! and I’m not just talking about men, women can be anal snakers too! i don’t even know what the fuck ana snaking is! Anywho, this drunk blog brought to you by budlight, the King of beers for some fuckin reason, I dunno! have you heard about the fucked up homeless people hanging around my work place? i tell ya’ thesel ittle sumbitches are annoying as all fuck! seriously, all they ever fuckin do is get drunk, pan handle, and talk about shit other homelessp eople are doing! and the worst of em is this one long haired fucker, don’t know his name, don’t care too, but the point being, he’s lucky I don’t straight up pop him in the face for all the bullshit he’s been spewing. Likely a donald trump supporter, because they’re both orange, they both smell like they’ve had one too many turns in the tanning bed, and more or less because fuck em both.

I dated his sister for a while and now that little twerps (She’s a year older than me, but by some fucked up circumstance, she would up doing a shit ton of drugs with this other ass hat named Dave cook, who’s either the nicest little fuck head i know or the most psychotic, happy and psychotic are a fine fine line… Have a fine line. i don’t care.needless to say, little bastard fuckin showed her the way of the meth head, or pot head, almost said poot head, but that’s just a canadian pot head! Woot! anyway, I almost banged her, almost. Wanted to, but something was always keeping me from doing it. something integral. Like integrity, I dunno, don’t care, moving on!

So, for one reason or another, my dating life is absolute shit! seriously, I mean, I don’t mind that its shit, but its shit for a reason. either through my own doing, or something else. I’ve only got so much time before the beer and a half, (not red Stripe this time around takes ahold.) what the fuck was I talkin about? I dunno, I try not to make these make too much sense, or else my mind goes into snooze mode, and thats just stupid for everyone involved.

Okay, let’s talk work. As if you didn’t know, I’m a sign waver. Author, blah blah blah, I’ve told you all this before. this is actually the first time I’ve been able to do a drunk blog in a while! woot! the apple sauce twins are fucking awesome! I dunno know who the apple sauce twins are, but you can bet your bottom dollar, that for whatever reason, I’d be tapping both their asses right now… Or not. Maybe I’m not good enough for dating. I mean serious dating… did I ever tell you about Kim? I didn’t? Well, holdo n to your collective Colostomy bags, because we’re throwing those things at… Someone. I dunno…. Publishing this.

Tapping into the dark part…

It’s almost like flipping a like switch for me. It’s the part of my writing that makes me question if I should be writing the stuff out. Yeah, it can be funny at times, but we all really at the point where posting crazy bullshit is the way to go? not that I’m questioning the posting of crazy bullyshit, afterall I just spent the better part of the day writing about that psychotic blending of three things into one very fucked up thing, Puppy monkey Baby murdering the shit out of something… I’ts sometimes a bit much.

I just spent an hour cleaving useless posts

For good reason, mind you. It was mostly because I’m getting ready to axe this thing, also cause I’m writing a big ol boo of blogs. fun, right!? Nope, not at all. I’ve been hesitating so much on this thing that the word file on my desktop is inda like that creepy person in the hall way you just can’t seem to walk down without running into? Yeah, so I figure I might as well spend sometime cleaving posts that are just plain idiotic. Mainly in terms of length and girth, you know, amount of paragraphs and all that. I figure, those posts that are just a few sentences, pictures , or audio files, or story parts, since they aren’t blog posts, get rid of em. The rest, keep em since well, they’re the meat and bones I need. So far? up to 89 pages! Woot! this is going to be EPIX!

What we say versus what we do.

Fantasy versus reality, light versus darkness. Time versus the slow molasses of not time. god I’m bored of this topic already, let’s branch out! Let’s do things! why should we always have to clock in and out everyday!? why MUST we always have to go to an office and get yelled at!? Every career is a real job. Every little thing we do is real enough to us, and if we get great at it, then it becomes real enough to other people! Is there always a set path towards our ultimate goals? Aren’t humans flexible creatures to the point where we just do not stick to one path? after all, if I started talking about hot pockets all of a sudden, you’d get hungry as balls! because that’s just the thing, you’re hungry for new information, not really important stuff, but things that will sap a few minutes out of your day! And that’s exactly what I try to do! I bring forth a slight madness and wisdom that I’ve accrued through my time on and the net, and for what!? For what I ask you!?

Just so that others can be a pessimistic pain in the ass? Tell me that what I do isn’t a real job!? To go against the grain of life and love and everything else that tends to happen when you’re passionate as all fuck about your job? I used to be brash, loud, energetic, and exciting! and now I find that if I try and make the slightest noise when anyone’s around, I just get shut down? What the fuck is that all about!? All the time, all the way, all the world will ever try to do is to keep you down, a cycle of psychological Survival of the fittest. If you aren’t at your peak game, than get off the field! that’s the life that we’re at now a days. We have Uber drivers going on shooting rampages, people fucking pissed off at the Ghostbusters trailer because there’s a sassy black lady in it!? Are you fucking kidding me!? It’s a horror comedy you uptight dick wads! It’s supposed to be stupid and genius all at the same time! What? you think there aren’t any sassy black women in the world right now that are angry as all hell about the way she’s portrayed in the movie!?

Are you fucking kidding me? You psychologically defunct skunk fuckers! give me a fucking break! These are the movies we’re getting pissed off at now! What? Is there going to be a shooting spree at the premeire of this movie because some dumb ass mother fucker in a ghostbusters uniform and a AK47 dressed up as a proton pack wanted to “Clear out all the ghosts”? I’m not going to say I told you so if that shit happens, SOMEWHERE ย on the planet, because let’s fucking face it, we are at a point in our planets history, where dumb shit happens on a regular basis.

Most of it caught on camera, because we want to be famous, we want to get the fuck out of the humdrum of our lives, to escape the normalcy of what we actually know, and dive head first into what we don’t know, and there are other people that want to fucking stop us.
They want to stop us with fear messages.
“Oh, you shouldn’t do that! Or this will happen!”
“Oh, we can’t risk this happening! Because such and such will endanger such and such!”
“Oh, you can’t record this, or people will such and such our place!”
They are shitting in your wheaties whenever they tell you these things, because they wish they could do it for themselves. They feel that you’re being unfair to them by going out and achieving your dreams, and to be honest people? Why do you keep listening to them? We are not puzzle pieces to be slapped together in the same uniform process! We are not little pegs to be placed in holes! we are not folders to be organized! we are the static on dead channels! we are the energy of the cosmos! We are the ever changing present, a cup of water in the ocean, we are always on the move, on the path for self improvement, and we will NEVER be told off or put in our place for long! We’ll find a way to grow and become and learn and improve! we’ll be more determined than before and see out new ways of doing things that have NEVER been done before!

We will find a way to legalize cloning and go fuck ourselves! Yeah! We’ll be clone fu- No we will not. Just realized what I said there and that’s the bar I’m not even touching. We can totally be everything else BUT that. THAT is something that will probably never be okay. Because sometimes limits are set for a reason in THAT regard. but everything else, everything else is alright! god that got weird really really fast.

I’m staring at my copy of The Silver Eyes

To be honest, I don’t know what to expect.I’ve already burnt my way through 49 to 50 pages of it, and it’s REALLY good, I’m not even fucking around on that point, but why the double spacing? the book in total is 464 pages in length, but without the double spacing, it’s only a decent 262, 261 if we’re being generous. That’s about the length of “birth of change”

That’s alright? I guess? I’m not sure. Look, if it’s just to pad the page count, then just add more story. I don’t know if you got caught up in the momentum of writing and simply forgot that you’re kinda supposed to set it to single space, maybe he thought we wouldn’t be able to read it if it were single spaced? I dunno, but i find that I’m wasting more energy by increased unneeded movement of my eyes, and it really does kinda take away from the experience when half a second is spent going to the next line.

I know that’s not much, but in the long run, it does add up. ย I might do a read through for a video series, could be interesting!

You’re doing alright.

You’re doing just fine. Seriously kiddo, you’re going to be alright. I want you to take a beat, and take a breath. I want you to know that no matter how much you think your life sucks at the moment, there will always be somebody out there who can top that. so just don’t go that route, huh? you’ve got a family, biological or adopted, they’re your family. And they love you, I dunno if you have siblings, but if you do, they love you too. I got your back kiddo, I got your back. If you’re Emo, and you think the world doesn’t understand you pain or angst, or love of the darkness? think again, I know perfectly well of the Gothic scene, and it’s just not good for the soul! yeah, good for the complexion if you’re albino, but they can’t really stand the sunlight, that’s where that comes from, you know?

so, do us all a favor, because if you do that thing you’re thinking of, a lot of people are going to be hurt in short term, and far more in the long term. Do I know what you’re going through? the humiliation, the bullying, the thoughts that’re going through your head at the moment? Damn fucking skippy I do. And it’s going to be really fucking hard for you if you keep on thinking those thoughts. trust me, I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve walked more than a few miles,, and I’ve been through that dark tunnel of damnation. Let me tell you right here, right now. you’re better than this, no ones going to think less of you for backing down, for stepping away from the edge, from putting the gun down. No one’s going to hate you, no ones going to say you ruined their life.

We’ve got too much hatred in the world already, and 2015 was a pretty good year to show that. Shootings every other day, mass murders popping up like Tuesday taco vans, and more pain and mourning then any country ever needs. you can trust me kiddo, whatever disgrace or slight you think might’ve been done to you, that you feel you need to return. It’s just not worth it, you can always come back from the edge, calm down, let those close to you help you get back to your old self! hell, maybe one day i’ll come across you, and we can grab a bite to eat just for the hell of it! that’d be something right? just… Don’t do it… you’ll thank me later, I’d never lie to you, not when it comes to preventing a greater tragedy from happening.

It’s said that the only things we are capable of as a species is inflicting untold amounts of pain and misery on others that we know not. I want you to prove them wrong. Take those words and cram em up their asses, because they don’t know what you’re truly capable of! If this reached you, in one way or another, and you actually stopped what you’re planning on doing? that’s actually an amazing thing. Instead, just write out a short story, post it somewhere other than facebook, because that shit’ll come back to bite you in the ass. Change a few names and locales, add some redemption stuff, and it’ll turn out platinum!

Trust me kiddo, you’re going to be alright.

I could never leave this site… Completely.

I’m back, again, and I have no idea why, but posthaven seems kind of dull. most blogging sites are in one way or another. Sure, one could argue that the flash and pomp of places like Fubar, myspace, facebook, could be the end times, the signs of destruction and distraction for an already destructive and desctracted populace… but why?

Why are we so distracted by the little things that we can’t really, I mean, truly focus on the big picture? Yes, the internet helps, but in a way, it also hinders. We all know this, we all know that attention spans have gone down considerably because we want things NOW, this instant, immediately! but even with the advent of high speed internet, things still tae time. skype calls aren’t really phone calls, as much as they just precorded messeges being relayed to both parties are a pretty fucking fast rate.

I did some thinking on this a while back while posting vids for youtube. The site is a time capsule of sorts, content creators upload tiny bits of their lives, for people to watch later on in the day. In that way, we’re kind of metaphysical time travelers, and yes, those content creators that do well for themselves, are often the ones that dedicate their lives to the craft. I hope to get to one point where i don’t need to clock in a regular point just to work my ass off for some shlub who’s got the ability to fire me if he doesn’t think I’m up to snuff. Hell I’ve been busting my ass for a long ass time. forgot what the fuck I was writing about.

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