I just spent an hour cleaving useless posts

For good reason, mind you. It was mostly because I’m getting ready to axe this thing, also cause I’m writing a big ol boo of blogs. fun, right!? Nope, not at all. I’ve been hesitating so much on this thing that the word file on my desktop is inda like that creepy person in the hall way you just can’t seem to walk down without running into? Yeah, so I figure I might as well spend sometime cleaving posts that are just plain idiotic. Mainly in terms of length and girth, you know, amount of paragraphs and all that. I figure, those posts that are just a few sentences, pictures , or audio files, or story parts, since they aren’t blog posts, get rid of em. The rest, keep em since well, they’re the meat and bones I need. So far? up to 89 pages! Woot! this is going to be EPIX!

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