What we say versus what we do.

Fantasy versus reality, light versus darkness. Time versus the slow molasses of not time. god I’m bored of this topic already, let’s branch out! Let’s do things! why should we always have to clock in and out everyday!? why MUST we always have to go to an office and get yelled at!? Every career is a real job. Every little thing we do is real enough to us, and if we get great at it, then it becomes real enough to other people! Is there always a set path towards our ultimate goals? Aren’t humans flexible creatures to the point where we just do not stick to one path? after all, if I started talking about hot pockets all of a sudden, you’d get hungry as balls! because that’s just the thing, you’re hungry for new information, not really important stuff, but things that will sap a few minutes out of your day! And that’s exactly what I try to do! I bring forth a slight madness and wisdom that I’ve accrued through my time on and the net, and for what!? For what I ask you!?

Just so that others can be a pessimistic pain in the ass? Tell me that what I do isn’t a real job!? To go against the grain of life and love and everything else that tends to happen when you’re passionate as all fuck about your job? I used to be brash, loud, energetic, and exciting! and now I find that if I try and make the slightest noise when anyone’s around, I just get shut down? What the fuck is that all about!? All the time, all the way, all the world will ever try to do is to keep you down, a cycle of psychological Survival of the fittest. If you aren’t at your peak game, than get off the field! that’s the life that we’re at now a days. We have Uber drivers going on shooting rampages, people fucking pissed off at the Ghostbusters trailer because there’s a sassy black lady in it!? Are you fucking kidding me!? It’s a horror comedy you uptight dick wads! It’s supposed to be stupid and genius all at the same time! What? you think there aren’t any sassy black women in the world right now that are angry as all hell about the way she’s portrayed in the movie!?

Are you fucking kidding me? You psychologically defunct skunk fuckers! give me a fucking break! These are the movies we’re getting pissed off at now! What? Is there going to be a shooting spree at the premeire of this movie because some dumb ass mother fucker in a ghostbusters uniform and a AK47 dressed up as a proton pack wanted to “Clear out all the ghosts”? I’m not going to say I told you so if that shit happens, SOMEWHERE  on the planet, because let’s fucking face it, we are at a point in our planets history, where dumb shit happens on a regular basis.

Most of it caught on camera, because we want to be famous, we want to get the fuck out of the humdrum of our lives, to escape the normalcy of what we actually know, and dive head first into what we don’t know, and there are other people that want to fucking stop us.
They want to stop us with fear messages.
“Oh, you shouldn’t do that! Or this will happen!”
“Oh, we can’t risk this happening! Because such and such will endanger such and such!”
“Oh, you can’t record this, or people will such and such our place!”
They are shitting in your wheaties whenever they tell you these things, because they wish they could do it for themselves. They feel that you’re being unfair to them by going out and achieving your dreams, and to be honest people? Why do you keep listening to them? We are not puzzle pieces to be slapped together in the same uniform process! We are not little pegs to be placed in holes! we are not folders to be organized! we are the static on dead channels! we are the energy of the cosmos! We are the ever changing present, a cup of water in the ocean, we are always on the move, on the path for self improvement, and we will NEVER be told off or put in our place for long! We’ll find a way to grow and become and learn and improve! we’ll be more determined than before and see out new ways of doing things that have NEVER been done before!

We will find a way to legalize cloning and go fuck ourselves! Yeah! We’ll be clone fu- No we will not. Just realized what I said there and that’s the bar I’m not even touching. We can totally be everything else BUT that. THAT is something that will probably never be okay. Because sometimes limits are set for a reason in THAT regard. but everything else, everything else is alright! god that got weird really really fast.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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