A times, they are a changing!

So first off, let me get the length and pricing out the way, just so we can move on to the bigger topic at hand.

The pricing and length for Channel Intros:

Short (Between 15 and 30 seconds): $5.00
Medium Between 20 and 45 seconds): $7.50
Long (Between 25 and 50 seconds): $10.00

The Pricing for Team intros:

Short (Between 15 and 30 seconds): $5.00
Medium Between 20 and 45 seconds): $7.50
Long (Between 25 and 50 seconds): $10.00

With Team Tage intros, as explained on twitter, since I usually do those in groups of ten just because that’s a bit easier for both the editors of the Tages themselves, as well on my voice in the long run, flat rate: $8.00.

Payments can be made to my Paypal account, the email of which I’ll give you upon agreement, Intros will be uploaded and marked unlisted until proof of payment is received, upon which, I will then give you the link to the requested intro or tage. If you are not able to pay upfront, I’ll give you two months to come up with the required funds,, and if, after two months, you are unable to pay, said video will be taken down.

Requested intros can be expected to be uploaded within a few days of the request, as I’m pretty good at keeping a decent shcedule.

The Fan Tales and various iterations of the shout outs, are going to remain free, because no person is stupid enough to charge for every little thing. I’ve been slowly building up to this for a long time, and have been pretty hesitant to ACTUALLY implement this until more recently, when I was asked in skype call if I charged for intros. I said nah, and when the guy offered me 300, I was taken a back. The wheels had been set in motion, and I knew eventually I’d have to do this.

I get that some of you might feel that I’m taking advantage of you by charging for these intros, believe me, I always just wanted to make videos that people love and enjoy. which is what I do with Arguing with Myself, vlogs, shout outs, songs, and fan tales and the occasional intro or teamtage intros.

My reasoning is this, I’m at a point in life where I need to find all the ways I can make money, to a sane degree, of course. And yeah, while I may be an author and a youtuber (Apparently I’m underrated, so… Cool?) a Sign Waver and all of that, most of those don’t really pay (the sign waving does), so this is more of a lesser of two evils for me.

Trust me, my rates will never fluctuate, and I still think you guys and gals are the greatest community alive, even if half the time you’re screaming insults at each other from across the world. though… That? That just means you’re full of passion. Crazy, crazy passion.

questions? Comments? hit me up at dr3arms@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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