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I’m in a pensive mood… I would’ve tweeted this out, but there’s not much point in repeated tweeted and filling up things… I dunno. sometimes I’m a bit harsh on myself because I think I’ve got a leg up, and then I screw myself over with one stupid comment, I actually don’t now what the hell I want out of life. But then there are these weird moments, weird flashes of popularity that confuse me in major ways… I’m not sure if they were all trolling me, or if something was genuine, but I don’t want to over think it. Or do I? After all, I randomly, and by chance got mistaken by Daniel Keem for ColossalisCrazy, and then I have my past coming back to haunt me, like something trying to push me back down into this hole… It seems rather altruistic and self fulfilling, that if left to my own devices, I screw things up at some point.

Is this introspection on a level that I’m not aware of? Is there a level of fame that I’m comfortable with? Or do I just not care after a while to the point of simply abandoning one thing? Whatever the reason… I just don’t like it when people try to bully me… And yeah, Daniel’s stuck in my mind for the time being, way too brash, bulldozing, and when he wasn’t getting the response he was looking for he tried … This pointless and ridiculous, and way too insulting to my integrity to be talking about him…  It’s just what he wants. What they want…

A few things just stuck in my craw, a few thing he brought up that gave me pause, but then a bud of mine who works as a moderator for pornhub told me something pretty ironic. That for all his posturing, for all his bragging, bravado, his egotistical meandering, his overtly pushy idiocies, Daniel Keem, in the eyes of regular societal views, doesn’t have a job either. In essence, he is pretty much a toxic hire because of the traits that make him famous, are the same traits that potential employers aren’t attracted to… So, by his definition, that me being a Youtuber isn’t a job, that I don’t have a job, he himself is unemployed as well.

Another thing, in the call, Lemme grab the link, is that after I gave him my condolences about his marriage not working out, he told me that the mother of his child, not introducing her as his wife, or girlfriend, simply as the mother of his child, rather strange, still lives with him. So does that mean he had a child out of wedlock? Or was it just a random chance pregnancy? Or did they have the child when they were still married, but later got divorced and decided to stay in the same house for the sake of the daughter?

I dunno, but it must mean that he cares enough to try and make things work out. I guess. Also, it must be expensive where he lives, otherwise he wouldn’t need a second income to maintain the mortgage/bills/rent to stay where he currently living. Oh well, sometimes you have to wonder about these things.

One more paragraph about Daniel, then I’m moving on. I wouldn’t let him control the conversation at all during the podcast, not one bit, in fact, I dare say that I’m rather proud that I even got him to tell a Fan Tale regarding me and my friend blake, although it was a bit insulting, but what do you expect from a guy whose job it is to ramrod his clickbait views down everyone’s throat?
When you think about Daniel Keem as both Youtuber (Remember, according to him, it’s not a job, so he’s basically mooching) and as a Parent, that the one person who will be the most affected indirectly is his own flesh and blood. It’s not hard to assume that his daughter, later on in life, will have access to Youtube and become curious as to her fathers profession. How would she react to seeing his “Work”? Would it be one of admiration and reward? Or, assuming he taught her never to pick on, bully, spread rumors about, or be mean to other kids, react with disgust at each of his videos and try to distance herself from his long shadow?
I don’t write this antagonistically, nor am I trying to get back at him. In fact, outside of his brutish nature and more or less idiotic tenacity, I rather admire his ability to draw an audience, to enrapture their minds and hearts, but most importantly, to hopefully instill the morals and psychologically positive attributes in his daughter that today’s generation of girls needs in order to hasten their own success in the harsh realities of the world.
More over, I sometimes worry that he’ll post something one day that’ll push someone to the edge, than post something again that’ll drive that one person OVER the edge.

I’d never do something like that, I’m way too docile. But, I rather think he needs to take measures to prevent another tragic loss in the Youtube community. We really don’t need a repeat of Christina Grimmie’s tragic end.

The meat and bones of this topic, ColossalisCrazy himself, a rather intellectual, intelligently spoken man with a habit of taking time to work on his videos instead of just slamming them out like most Youtubers do, because of Daniels ineptitude, we got to know each other a little bit, but he seems like the kind of person I definitely want as a friend. Yeah, Blake’s my main bud and writing partner, and I miss him dearly, (He’s just a phone call away, really.) but there’s something enigmatic about Colossal, something that drives home the point that he’s the type of friend to tell you exactly how he feels and at the same time, when you’re at your lowest, do his best to cheer you up as much as his patience would allow.

I admire a bunch of Creators, (Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Jackscepticeye for their energy. Bob and Wade for their hubris and level of chill. Naader for his ability to consume a fuck ton of food. Von for her ability to simply transform herself into a variety of characters. Keem, and Scarce for their reporting tenacity.  Idubbbz for his brutal no apology honesty. Fousey For his ever cheerful nature.) and yes, one might argue that they each have a variety of faults. I would argue back don’t we all?

But none, not a one compare to ColossalisCrazy! you take all the above mentioned Creators, you put em in a blender, and add a bit of snark and snarl with a touch of mercy thrown in for good measure, and boom! You get Colossal, a man who is dogged to hurry up with his uploads by all the impatient dorks who can’t even hold a candle to his caliber of work, he is literally to youtube what Picasso and DeVinci were and still are to the art community today! A Creator who is transformative to the Community as a whole.

While you might think I am blowing smoke up the asses of many of these creators, be assured that I am not. This is my honest opinion, no one is perfect, we are all simply human at our cores. And regardless of how much you like or dislike someone, at the very center of our DNA, we desperately need one another to make sure that everything is in order.

Thank you taking the time to read this. I don’t now how long our paths will run side by side before they diverge, but I will enjoy the ride none the less.


















Author: Morgan James Gavin

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