Just some random brain shit… Maybe.

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve actually talked about what’s going on in my life on this thing. Why did I stop? Because my mother, god bless her soul, is somewhat particular over what I talk about, like she’s afraid someone’s going up and break the house because of one blog post. Seriously, it’s somehow that bad… Which is somewhat hilarious.

But, here I am. Instead of in the Navy, which is where I should’ve been, had I not caught Pneumonia and fallen behind in training… And getting Separated, let’s not forget that whole shlameagle. Yeah, I get moved from one stress filled spirit dish to another, make a bunch of friends, and look at that! I’m off topic again! But, I dunno, we’ll be moving in a few months, so that means I’ve gotta find a job, because when they leave, I stay… Or something like that. OR I might still be renting when they leave… Which is always a thing.

Which could be cool, but I try not to focus anymore on the “What if this actually happened!?” And I had the place to myself? I dunno what I’d do to be honest… Make more videos? Actually be able to enjoy myself for more than two days at a time? I dunno… don’t get me wrong, home life is… interesting when I’m not getting reamed for one thing or another,at the same time though, it’s more that I don’t have any motivation to do anything else besides what I’ve been doing.

Yeah, I’ve worked 9 to 5s before, and while the pay is well worth the frustration I sometimes felt while working there, I dunno… it’s just not me. But, that time is nigh approaching for when it has to be me! Or something like that… But I figure it like this, the more projects I get done and published, the happier I’ll be, the more confident I’ll be, and the bigger fish I’ll move up to.

It always comes up to that doesn’t it? The great cycle of things. You start it up, it goes well, you get lazy, you forget about a few things, and boom,  you’re back at square one, just a little bit wiser with what you want to get for. Mind you, it’s not a bad way to kick things off, there are worse ways to go about the cycle of things, but for the most part, it just, is what it is.

I’ve had more theories about the way my life’s been headed than I can count. And sometimes the more introspective stuff is just a bit on the nose. For instance, I often think about what my life would’ve been like had my parents stayed married for the entirety of my life up to this point. Would i still be in the same situation? Would I have had the same friends? The same relationships? what about career choice? you never really know about the different aspects and the divisions your personal timeline could take unless you REALLY take a good hard long look at it. And that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing a lot lately.

Right now, as it stands, I’m more dedicated, career wise, to the idea of being an Author, and stapled to the struggles that come along with it. I know that because I fucked around a lot, because I never really took my schooling seriously, focused more on the social aspect of things that my life, in reality, is going to be a bit more harsher than I originally thought it was going to turn out.

Let’s see, the pro’s? The Pros of my life, as it is right now at the time of writing this post are: I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend, both my biological and step parents are alive, I’ve got brothers and sisters, I’ve got a ton of friends, loving parents and extended family, plenty of pets, horses and chickens, and I was, for whatever period of time, in the military.

Not bad, not bad at all Morgy boy! So, now, we do the shitty side of things… The Cons.

The cons are as follows: I live at home, my bio parents divorced when I was young, one of my step parents went insane (The one I rarely see.), I haven’t seen my brothers or sisters in years, my mom can be a bit over the top and flip on a dime about any number of things. Yes, I’ve got a ton of friends, but if I’m not posting something relevant to their interests, I’m kind of dust. My IRL friends I sometimes don’t talk to for weeks at a time. And I was separated for catching a super flue and falling behind in training.

There are no downsides to my girlfriend, I love her to pieces!

Anyways, I’m running out of writing steam here… And I’ve lost track of whatever the fuck I was talking about… I might have ADHD or ADD… who knows.

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