#Love #is #Love

Love is the greatest feeling around. Love makes you happiness, and happiness, is often more difficult to write about than something negative. Love can be negative, in a positive way. Love is what really makes the world go round, love can be inspiring, a muse, an antithesis for hate, love is the most powerful emotion of all, it is literally the thing that binds the universe together, it is gravity, which holds us to the planets surface. So, if you really think about it, throwing yourself into a black hole is throwing yourself at the greatest source of love in the universe, because love is going to crush you into an infinitely tiny speck of blood, guts, and whatever is left.

Image result for epic love
Yes, cloud love is love too.

More importantly, Valentines day is tomorrow, and Valentines day is the celebration of love. Yes, one could make the argument that valentines day is a way to profit from Love, but love is meant to be profited from. You see, we profit from love every single day, in every single way. We profit from love when we show affection towards one another. We profit from love by bringing a child into the world, we profit from love by being a friend to those in need, by hugging someone who’s having a bad day, by showing warmth and kindness and joy and glee, and happiness to those who aren’t feeling the love.

Image result for epic love
How I feel every time Ashley and I kiss.

We humans are incredibly powerful, and our most potent and well versed power is showing that of love. We also show love by defending those who would attack love in all its forms. We love our country, so we decimate those who would attack our country, and by extent, our love for it. Those who love us, profit from it in return with a continued sense of accomplishment from both themselves, and ourselves as well.

Image result for nuclear love
Hell, I wasn’t joking. Love is more powerful than nukes. This was just one heart shaped candy.

Show those you love, that you love them by loving them. those who abuse the power of love, can only be described as heartless little shits that deserve no love what so ever, and shall be swallowed whole by a greater death than actually dying. Simply living without love. For those who would assault love, assault their own potential for happiness, and those who live for love, live for life, and by extension, live for the future. We seek to know love as we love, and we know love by loving as we discover new things to love.

Related image
Love is more powerful than Darth Vaders DJ twin brother, Tron Vader.

Happiness. Joy. Creation. Love. All things are possible through the advent of Valentines day, it is a day to spend with those you love, and as the very gods themselves have no recompense for those that would seek to break others away from those they love, they themselves shall only know a deep and dark sorrow as they go days, weeks, months, or years without feeling the warmth of love violently burning away their own loneliness. To feel the embers of light, to seek the fires of the sun tear down the walls of their own inner darkness, and reveal themselves to the light of love.

Image result for love tron
Love is more powerful than whatever the fuck this thing is.

For love is love. And show love in all of it’s forms, all of its various shapes, all of the trillions of little ways, that you love all of which you love, by simply loving all that you can.


Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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