The Job search

Ugh… the coffee is stale this time around, but it still works out.

Anyways, yesterday I actualy went outside and went for a walk… And had to do a job search, because reality, and lack of book sale, and blah blah blah. Since I don’t drive, I walked, which is fine, I like the exorcise, but I’m not going to be able to leasurely walk around forever… But it was nice, the weather was cooperating for once and I just needed to get out of the house, do a change of pace. Normally, I’m sitting in front of the laptop, mug of coffee in hand, knocking out a few pages for a few minutes, then going onto my three accounts in Sola.Ai and trying to do something there and figure out the best way to earn some money from that, in addition to not trying to lose my mind from the boring as fuck day to day things.

I sometimes lead a life of repetition and it does drive me crazy from time ot time. Sometimes I can handle it, other times a change of pace is needed and I just need to get the fuck out of the house for a day. Everyone’s like that I guess! I keep forgetting to put exclamation points, but yesterday was like a breath of fresh air, I was feeling great! I like that feeling!


There. A smiley face.

Anyways, so I hit up Denny’s, Haybirds, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jess Ranch Cinemark, Guiseppes, 24 hour fitness, and Best Buy in the course of an hour and a half. Mind you, I’m on foot, so this takes a bit longer. I managed to get some great footage of the Wash, otherwise known as the Mojave River, which is dry as hell about three quarters of the year, and an actual river whenever it decides to rain.

So, I had a crap ton of Resume’s and Business Cards on hand during my little adventure, here’s how it stacked up:

Application: Need to fill out and bring it back.
Resume: Dropped off.
Business card: Dropped off.

Application: Need to fill out and bring back.
Resume: Need to drop off with resume.
Business card: Dropped off.

Buffalo wild wings:
Application: Need to fill out online.
Resume: Dropped off.
Business card: Dropped off.

Best Buy:
Application: Need to fill out online.
Resume: Dropped off.
Business card: Dropped off.

Jess Ranch Cinemark:
Application: Need to fill out online.
Resume: Dropped off.
Business card: Dropped off.

Application: They’ll call me if interested.
Resume: Dropped off.
Business card: Dropped off.

24 hour fitness:
Application: Need to fill out online and print out.
Resume: Drop it off with application.
Business card: Need to drop it off with resume and application.

I’m going to write a post about school shootings DAMN IT!!

FUCK! Fine! i’ll do it! I’ll fucking do it!  I’ll write a blog about gun safety and school shootings, I’m fucking sick to death of this shit! Seriously! i don’t like focusing on the fact that my nose hair itches, as does my eye brow because then it distracts me from realizing that I’ve already lost the line of thought  I was going to make about how fucking itchy my body is  being right now, you honestly have no fucking clue, because it’s really god damned itchy!

I’m trying my best to focus on the School shootings which seem to become an almost everyday thing, and yet, we’ve got kids protesting the fuck out of things. And adults? After one or two tries, we give right the fuck up because we have shit to do. Kids? Fuck naw, they get right up in peoples faces and be like, “I’m sick and mother fucking tired of these mother fucking guns on this mother fucking plane!”

There… I wrote something about it… Now I can be happy that the side of my head itches… That’s not something to be happy about.

Here’s an update to EoB.

20180220_190001Alrighty, so here’s an update for the massive undertaking that is “Evolution of a Blogger” So it booped up from 898 to 916 pages, and given createspace’s page limitations based on book sizing, I think it’s a safe bet to say that instead of one MASSIVE book, like I was originally planning, I’ll probably end up breaking it up into two or three books in a series. So I’ve got word opened up and I’ve created a header system to better organize the fuck out of things, because, as we all know, searching through a fuck ton of pages is a great way to spend time better used editing! Here’s a screen cap:

Okay… Apparently that feature does not fucking work. I’m not angry, I just swear a lot when I’m writing. It’s a bit off putting, I know, but at the same time, it’s like you’re getting to know a very angry Sailor who’s verbally abusive towards an empty bottle of scotch. It makes more sense if you tend not to think too hard about it.

Anyways, the header system actually saves a shit ton of time when trying to keep track of everything, because not only do I have to edit, and keep track of the post titles, because i’m more micromanaging than a South Korean Starcraft player, later on, after everything is all said and done, I have to reorganize everything so that the posts that aren’t in order, are now in order from Oldest to newest, and that’s… Not going to be fun at all… Not one fucking bit, it’s actually stressing me out just thinking about how much work i have to knock out.

But it’s a good, motivational stress that I know for a fact comes with the job. And i’m pretty psyched about the whole prospect. At the moment, I just got into the 2010 blogs, and I dunno about you, but in 2010… ugh. I don’t even want to think about it. Anyways, so here’s how I have things broken down:

Title>Table of contents>Year>Month>Title

It doesn’t make much sense when put like that, not because i’m lazy, but because i just drank half a pot of coffee by mixing three scoops of coffee grounds  and some water into a thermos, swooshed that around, let it sit over night, and drank nearly half of it in the morning. So yeah, moving on, staying focused.

So, There are three levels of Table of Contents:

  1. The MAIN Table of contents which lists the years covered in the book itself.
  2. Those years have their own table of contents, which lists the months covered.
  3. Those months then have their own table of content directing the reader to individual posts.

I figured it’d save a bunch of time in the long run doing that instead of a massive table of content listing every post in order of appearance, because you know how it goes, right? you’re sitting there, scouring the internet for every single blog post you’ve ever made, trying to find the greatest source of them all, because we all have that giant core of blogs that’s our main hub of weird bullshit, then we have our ‘Secret’ Blogs that aren’t on face book. For myself, I have several places where I’ve blogged.

  1. Facebook
  2. WordPress
  3. Blogger
  4. Blogit
  5. Myspace
  6. Pastebin
  7. Twitlonger
  8. Twitter
  9. Discord
  10. Fubar
  11. Black planet
  12. Bigente
  13. Matchdoctor
  14. Adultmatchdoctor
  15. Tumblr
  16. Posterous
  17. LiveJournal
  18. OKCupid
  19. and more…

So far, Word press, blogit, Facebook, pastebin, and others are the largest repository for blogs I’ve posted in the past, and while i’m going to have an Extra’s section, I am also scouring old chat logs and other sources for older posts than 2007… Because I will document every scrap of my own rambling stupidity if it’s the last thing I do!

Though i’m trying to stay focused, I’ve also got a number of other projects under my belt that i’m trying like hell to get published, edited and formatted and off the table. The biggest, thus far was One Shots: Army of the Incomplete, basically a huge collection of short stories that I just kind of left by the wayside for so long that they no longer mattered to me. Sometimes these things were a paragraph long, other times had the potential to become something more than they currently were, but for whatever reason, I just didn’t have the time or focus to work on them like I truly wanted to.

There are some projects with a branching story path, which is why I loved website with a treegraph system in place so I can just pick up where i left off on that particular adventure, but Storymash, Protagonize, and other such giants fell by the wayside.

Sucks, but that’s how things usually are when it comes to creative writing, and unless you update the UI or color scheme for these kinds of websites to reflect modern times, or it’s basically just a big ass bloated monster with many hands writing many things all connected to each other at one point or another, you never truly know the impact such a thing might have, or the hole it’ll leave behind when it’s gone. I just reminded myself to search on those various sites, If you’re interested in seeing what other things i have up my sleeve, feel free to join my discord server, probably the only non-racist server on the platform. I’m also on Sola under Gripmonkey, here are the links to both:

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