I’m just going to go nuts.

Deare Donald “fuck your dead great grandmother” Trump.

you’re a sick son of a bitch.

I personally wish upon you, every fictional and nonfictional death imagined and UN-imagined. But, that’s not all. I hope you get everything coming to you, jail time and all. I hope everyone you’ve ever fucked over, shanks your face a hundred times over, better yet, cuts your face off, crams it in your ass, leaves it there for a week, takes it back out and sows it backwards on your face so you’ll be kissing that shit covered mouth of yours.

I make no bones about how I feel about Donald Trump, and I don’t think i’ll ever coddle my pinon, ever. So what if he’s the President for as long as we’ll let him be? that p’nothing. After all, he’s Russia’s butt puppet, and nothing would make me happier than to see him have a fucking stress related heart attack on live TV as it’s announced he’s guilty of collusion and high treason. I mean, he’s either on a swing to jail, or swinging from a tree, and no. I give no fucks whatsoever about how YOU personally feel about him.

He’s a fucking monster.

A god damned tyrant in the making.

A nuclear molded cheetah by which we’re all suffering the consequences, and we’re all taking our sweet fucking time getting through the investigation. Meanwhile, we’ve become immune to the shock and disgust at his constant attacks on the media, as well as everything going on.

He’s a LIAR.

He’s fucking WRONG.

He’s not mentally fit to operate a god damned light switch, and someone should indeed change the password to his twitter account so he’s not able to fucking get to it.

And NOW the fucker can’t block anyone, because his shit is now public domain, now and forever, and if he fails to unblock anyone, HE’S ACTIVELY FUCKING GUILTY OF BREAKING THE LAW. And the judge ruled that NO ONE is above the law, not even the fuck nugget himself, Donald “I have Daddy issues” Trump.

Look, you can get your politics and political slant somewhere else, my blog is just that. My fucking blog, it’s where I post whatever the shit I need to to get through the day, and recently, it’s been a VERY underutilized tool.

In regards to Donald “I almost fucked a kid on a sex offenders private island” Trump, he’s a fucking disgrace. Just a sad sack of discarded testicle skin, left ot rot in the ever present heat, and dyed orange, because while he’s being a racist fuck nugget, he thinks that shade of orange is going to make him look like an immigrant. Maybe HIS ass shouldn’t be in the country? Ya ever think of that?

And no one likes him.
No one.
If you do, you’re not a snowflake, you’re just being a little piss ant pussy whipped little bitch, that can’t think outside of which cousin you’re going to try and fuck at the next family reunion, a person that feels that a female president won’t be as effective as a male president. Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Vote a female into office and piss the fuck out of those rich bitch ass fucks who want to keep things the same.

now I’ve got to sneeze. And I’ve forgotten just what the actual fuck I was going on about. Something about Waffles the Space Clown. Which wouldn’t be too far removed from Donald the Dick Holster, because we already know he fucked Putin, but Putin Putin’s little Vlad the impaled into Donald’s diseased rotting ass.

Yes, I’m very pissed,. no, I give no fucks, because I’m all out of fucks to give, and because I fucking dislike that fat sassed, wrinkled piece of turkey neck in a cheap two dollar polyester suit, who’s violating the constitution, by shitting all over it.

There’s this really fun game I’m playing called Dokdo, I never really used to be into those time wasters, but it’s relaxing every once in a great while.

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