Dear Markiplier… I know that feeling.

Dear Mark, hi! It’s a me! Morgan, and I just wanted to tell you that the feeling of constantly wanting more when you’ve got everything is perfectly normal, we’re human, it’s our constant drive to be better than who we were the day before that makes us- NO, DRIVES  us to be better. You say that you’ve got everything you could possibly want and more?
What’s the one thing you’re lacking? What’s the one thing you’ve not yet achieved?
Easy, getting married and having a family. That’s what you’re missing out on, that’s the ULTIMATE  let’s play, the grandest of all unboxings, the top tier of all challenge videos, the greatest role you’ll ever play.
Parenting, being a married man, you’ve strived for so much, and accomplished so much, that you’ve yet to see the pond in the middle of the grouping of trees from the forest, you, my good sir, want to raise a family.
The man who has everything, or claims to have everything, has nothing until he creates from his and her body, a being from both. That’s the truest, and purest form of a collaboration ever, and it’s no lie my man. You need to focus on yourself.
Getting older, means looking back and becoming wiser from your experiences, and the clothing brand, Cloak, which you and Sean launched? That’s a step in the right direction, you’re already a brand in and of yourself, you’ve got that going and much more!
Turning 30 means you’ve accomplished something, reached a new goal, become another person in a way. It doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the 20 through 29 year old you, it means welcoming in the new set of skills you’ve yet to unlock! And trust me, after watching your channel from your Shark fin hairstyle days to now?
you’ve undergone the transformation of a lifetime! Do I think you’ll discover this blog? Not by a long shot, do I think writing this will help alleviate my own concerns about growing older?
Every little bit helps….
Growing older can have it’s drawbacks.
You become more concerned about the state of the world, you become more weary, more cautious, more planning and plotting, you become more skilled at the things you’ve never taken notice of before, and honestly? It’s all part of the process of rowing, we never stopped at 21, we’ve only continued, and that’s a great thing! To know yourself is to know who you’ll become just based off of you’re experiences and surroundings. Even if you somehow turn into an antisocial hermit who still lives at home with no drivers license and oh god I turned this into something about me…

fuck it, not like he’s going to read this anyways, and who am I kidding? All those things and more are true. But folks, I’ve gotta level with you, the night shift is fucking killing my creativity, and I’m just fucking wiped out. I was able to write a short story the other day, but that… I guess it worked out? Maybe? I dunno… for the man who has nearly nothing but a job, a place to call home, and a few pieces of tech to his name, what more could I want? Like I was saying earlier. My drive at the moment is killed, I have no sex drive, lol… God I wish that were a joke. Between being terrified of rejection and not being in a relationship… kind of a mood killer, but then again, these things usually are.
But, money’s money, and I ain’t about tah start complainin’ about that kinda thing, you know? Sometimes the greatest thing in the world is to sometimes bitch and moan about how working at Amazon can be a  little bit of a mind fuck.

Starts to drive out who you were before you started working there, little by little. And that’s why you’ve got to anchor yourself, that’s why you’ve got to keep pressing forward against whatever blistering conditions you might’ve otherwise succumbed to. sometimes it feels like I’m not even myself, just someplace else entirely, with no real voice except to agree with everything just to keep moving along. And I guess that’s important too, right? Maybe… No- no doubting myself, no more second guessing or trying to fly under the radar, no more hiding in plain sight, no more of that BS. I’ve hid long enough, and I’m tired of hanging back because everyone else is.

Amazon is about one thing, and one thing only, okay, well, two things, : Customer service and growth.

so, like the company itself, I’ve got to grow as well, and make damned sure that the growth is sustained, my energy levels are fucked at times, so I’ve got to mix together a starbucks cold brew, a monster, and a redbull just to get through the day.  Oh well, i guess that’s the post. Peace.

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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