Lost my job, and maybe a friend…

Over staffing is the reason why for getting laid off from Amazon.
Not hopping onto Fortnite at a moments notice when commanded to was the reason fro the possible loss of a friend.
Paul C. was many things for me at Amazon, carpooler, co-worker, friend, and gaming buddy.
For some reason though, he could be a little driven… Like, majorly driven. And that sometimes clashed with my more laid back approach. This isn’t to complain or anything, just… this is the best way at the moment for me to get my thoughts organized, or at least out there…
I like gaming, but I just don’t want to dedicate my every spot of free time to it, like, god damned, every other night, Fornite, fortnite, fortnite… I get wanting to stay in touch, but fucking Ay I’ve got other things on my plate besides gaming, and while Fortnite’s fun and all, consistently losing in that game is beyond fucking frustrating for me.
I’d rather just do my own thing, be relaxed, have fun on my own terms, not be taunted or peer pressured into something because what I’m doing doesn’t jive at the moment with whatever the hell someone else wants me to do.
I’m more than kind of pissed at the moment, I work hard on everything I do, and yeah, I’ve got my own issues, one thing I never thought i’d have to do is fucking tell someone, “Not right now, busy with something else at the moment, maybe later?” and get a snarking reply back, like, “OH! You’re not going to hop on? Well, YOU’RE the asshole!”
Like, Really dude? really?
I’m trying to get some work done on something I’ve spent nearly half my fucking life working on, and I’ve more than bent over backwards to play fortnite with ya and all, mainly out of fear that if I didn’t, you’d stop giving me a ride to work over a game.
Mind you, I got the switch mainly because I found a person to play games with in you my man, and we became fast friends because we’re so fucking random and I just felt out of place without that presence. But now?
Now that I don’t work at LGB8 anymore, I’m finding that I have the choice of not hopping on fortnite at a moments notice, and I get it, there are reasons that I might have to hop on, because why not, sometimes I like to do a game or two by myself or with friends. Anyways, I’m keeping the line open in case you want to talk again.
But damn it all, you can be bossy as fuck sometimes. You pushed me to do my best, to be my best, and in turn I helped you deal with what you’re going through. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, see ya later Space Cowboy.

Always remember, you got this.

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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