Reacting to Trumps State of the delusion.

Trump just fucked the SOTU already by ignoring the Speaker of the house.
“WE’RE TALKING ABOUT MY WALL, MY WALL IS LIKE MY PENIS, AT THE MOMENT IT’S NOT THERE!” Courage in his case means getting the funding for the wall. He’s just buttering them up. Like he butters his paintings nipples. gotta get that golden glow somehow.

Trumps noting #ww2, respect for that. Love for the #WW2vets, y’all are god damned heroes. Trump’s noting the Moon Landing. Buzz. Looks. Pissed.

#spaceforce and advertising for a wall around the moon, to protect it from his hair, which is illegally immigrating from his ass to his head at the moment.

“Bigger than ever before, now build my fucking wall you Democratic fucks.” Translated with 10000% accuracy.

The ladies in white are pissed. Which is the mood of everyone staring at him, hoping the devil will steam him away, and spit out a plate of noodles.

“The country has launched a boom, much like I have in my pants over the wall. I’m just getting started, it will be a pants shitting like NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE.”

Trumps now talking about lies, when people are starving from being forced to work without pay for 35 days.

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