Found a new brand of weapon!

So, for those that HAVEN’T gotten to the laberynthian dundgeon yet, it’s fucking amazing, and since I have a WAY over powered character, fucking easy.
Like, god damned, took that Dragon Priest down in one shot, and it’s fucking amazing, I need to get another Drainsoul Bow, because those things look fucking amazing, BUT you can’t find one that isn’t already enchanted, so fuck all to that thing. However, ran through the College of Winterfell arc pretty easily, so that’s two things I’ve knocked out, even nailed a few Dragon shouts down, which is doubly awesome.
I decided not to slaughter every NPC this time around, sticking only to the guards, mostly, I mean, I killed everyone in riften… that I could, but I decided that the easiest way to get arrows, since I like sneaking around, pickpocketing like a bat out of hell, and generally causing mayhem wherever I go.
Which… Brings me to a weird spot.
You see, a few nights ago I was fast traveling to Whiterun, and something interesting happened, I glitched off the map entirely,and was plopped right in the middle of this huge ass ocean, and in the distance was huge chunk of Skyrim, floating high as fuck in the sky. so naturally, I swam towards it, and I was curious about how deep I could swim, so down I went, I wasn’t worried about air, since Argonians fucking rock at that, Water breathing and all, and it took me around 2 minutes to reach the bottom of the map, going straight down, and I really did think there were going to be some freakishly huge creature trapsing around down there, something the Devs put in in case players glitched into the “Ocean beyond the ocean”
but, nope, nadda.
Anyways, finally reached the chunk of map, of the edge of the sheer cliff of the map cell, and touched it, and boop, transported to the land itself. Which was weird.
There wasn’t any trees, random creatures, rocks, resources, NPCs, nothing, just hte map itself. No music either.
I watched a full day night cycle and got a recording of the whole thing. Well, 30 seconds at least, wish I had a recording set up with the switch, but I need a few things for that o work out in my favor.
Anyways, after ten minutes of wandering around, I decided that was enough, so I fast traveled again, wondering if the engine would load the assets up right, and I traveled to Rorikstead, and boop, landed right in the middle of a Vampire attack on my follower, the unkillable NPC from the last post I did?
Anywho, thigns are mostly back to normal, I need to knock out the Dawngaurd missions till I get the crossbow, then I’ll really be whoopin ass.
I’ve done some research on the Legendary Skills bit, but all thay does is reset the perks for that particular skill tree and allow leveling up via use of that particular skill.
I’d really love to find a way to boost my EXP gains so I can reach some idiotically high levels, just for shits and giggles, i love games that allow for that kind of BS, as I think there was a game for the Acer called FATE, a dundgeon crawler, with easy access to save data and weapon stats, which were editable, I created a damned over powered character.
I’m hoping to buy a Tower PC meant for gaming and get fall Out 4 so I can goof around with the character data there.
(got distracted, TOP *time of pause* Sunday, Feb 17th, 5:11am)

Author: Morgan James Gavin

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