Good god, I’m really bad at maintaining this…

It’s just a never ending cycle of wtf thoughts and douche fuckery is what I CAN tell you. Like, seriously, that’s all this thing is, and I KNOW, I know, a blogger supposed to have something interesting to say, but what if they don’t? I mean, what IF they just want a place to vent their thoughts? Or just rant about random bullshit? Why does everything have to be about fucking photo shopped coffee cups and what rose goes with what fucking attention seeking ass hat?

Actually, yeah, we’re fucking some shit up today? Why?

Because FUCK THE BACHELOR, BACHERLORETTE series, just, fuck it in it’s entirety.

You know why? Because it’s manufactured, not really authentic, why only show the good parts of it where everything’s falling apart? the director is in charge of making the story, but what if the story isn’t REALLY whayt’s happening? What if, the guys just aren’t into the whiny brat they’ve chosen for that years season? I mean, not every… actually, every guy pretty much is driven by their dicks, as a guy, I’m driven by my dicks needs and wants, hopes and dreams, long term IRA investments and Stock Portfolios, my dick has stock. Girthy, girthy stock.

Anyways, I’ve never really liked reality shows as a whole, in fact, the one that I followed for the longest time was Big Brother, because I thought at LEAST that one was authentic, but… NOPE. A fucking big assed nope, everything’s manufactured to the needs of the people consuming it, and rather then showing what actually happens, they only cut to the interesting part, making the cast members seem like a bunch of needy shitheads that can’t go ten minutes without scheming about butt stabbing one person or another before setting them up the bomb, and then acting like they’re completely surprised when shit doesn’t work out like it’s supposed to.

Emotional prodding, heavy drinking, and sometimes sex.
Well, shit, here we fucking go again.
same formula, same cycle of shit, every fucking time.

Let me break this down for you how EVERY season knocks out, okay? And this isn’t some ass pull where a take a big ol breath and try to blow randomly hot or cold air up your ass, this is from watching eight or three or four seasons of the hsit and watching things play out.

First, the HG’s (Houseguests) are popped into the house, they get to explore, and through various interviews, we figure out what their roles are going to be, and how many groups there are going to be (Roughly 4 to 6, with a few ‘Secret Alliances’ thrown in for good measure.
After that, contests, voting, crying, arguments, viscous bitch biting and some asshole nearly losing their shit are going to follow. There’s usually one to two bromances and showmances popping about, one of which is going to fail, and the other of which is going to violently erupt when things don’t go the alpha of the two’s way.

Sometimes it’s the gal, sometimes it’s the guy, it depends on the societal sway of things, (We’re in the Dawn of Females atm), so, what ends up happening is that the House, or the Producers, usually try to influence how people will vote based on ratings for that week, if someone is boring, weak, or just a plain idiot, out they go, the HG’s usually vote the influence of the ‘House’ just ot keep they’re head down, if there’s a close vote, infighting will happen, if there’s not, no one will really care all too much.

It’s strange to watch, after the vote, and the ousted HG leaves, it’s almost as if they never existed to begin with, yes, there will be some mention of them, but only momentarily, and even then, behind the scenes, the Production will usually try to silence these flamboyant and insta-flamable idiots from mentioning “The Shamed Ones”.

the weird part about all of this is that Society, for a long ass time, was heavilly influenced by this, everyone, including myself, wanted to be a part of the Show, to get some camera time, to be accepted by someone or a large group of someones, and everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, after that, shit just in general, falls the fuck apart.

We saw a massive spike in the amount of reality show based movies and shows, where it was a regular show, just based around the concept of a reality show, and osme worked, and some didn’t. The one that truly called this bullshit out ahead of the gamewas of course, the Truman Show, fucking loved that movie.

The premise was that a show based around raising a person up in a heavily scripted environment where only he was really free to do what he wanted, while everyone else has a massive script to go through to try and figure out what the fuck was going on. Everything runs fine until one day when a light falls fro the massive fucking cieling and he starts questioning everything.

It works out wonderfully, and it transitioned Jim Carry from Comedy to drama really well, in a lot of ways, everyone has access to that now. Everyone has a channel, a show, a podcast, an album, a merch line, and it’s pretty astounding how saturated the market is… Sad in a way.

But hopeful in others.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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