An authors life

As an author, there really is no final word, no final sentence that ties everything together. The worlds we create, the characters storylines, the adventures never really end.
We stop writing the stories because we are unable to keep up with their adventures, not because we are tired, not because we are parting ways with one adventure and headed towards another, but because we love them so much we can only go as far along with them as our imaginations will let us.
Those final words, those final fleeting moments on the very last page?
That’s just a new adventure beginning.
A new story, a new project. New characters being born in the multiverse that is the creative spirit, and from there, a new symphony of adventures can begin.
Do we think back on them?
Does it bring a tear to the authors eyes to remember where the main character began his or her or their journey?
The first moment we introduced the antagonist or villain?
The first grand twist of the story?
The love, romance, adventure, action scene?
The first continuation?
The first moment the love interest was introduced?
The first rivalry and training scene?
the first moment the family was introduced, or some hidden lore was uncovered?
Authors remember it all in startling, sometimes heart wrenching detail. We spend hours, days, weeks, months, years crafting our existences and the adventures there within.
We remember everything. The good times, the boring, and the bad ones as well.
For us, our artform is ever evolving, ever changing and growing, the time apart makes us stronger than we were before, and the reconnecting to an old world sends shivers of excitement down our spines.
We can’t wait to reconnect to the familiar characters, the faces, and the inner voices that guided them.
I will never see any moment of anything I’ve created, or the inspirations or moments which spawned those moments, as bad things, bad influences, off putting themes.
The fires of creativity have never died in me, have they been suffocated a little? Sure, but the creating never stops. Only changes.
Becomes better with time and patience.
I’ve got plenty of material to work with, plenty of albums to create, plenty of art and vids to knock out. I just have a few pressing things to take care of before I can start work on those things.
To those people that found my creativity too weird for them, too eye catching, or my personality too bold and loud and charismatic, or too freaky deeky for their own styles, let me ask you this:
When was the last time you had the confidence to let loose in front of people you never knew and do something that brought a smile to their faces? When was the last time you dressed like a dork, not because of some event taking place, but because you just felt like it?
When was the last time you were so happy, so filled with love and joy that you burst out in song for the hell of it?
Or just uncontrollably smiled because someone told you they loved you?
This isn’t a slam, or a personal attack on anyone, this is a genuine question born of curiosity.
I want you to be loud, creative, awesome, amazing, pure, rockin giant ass balls of energy just because you can be. I want you to be the best version of yourself that you can be, I want you to find the person you’re meant to be with, and I want you two to be happy.
Because if you find that spark of joy, of love, of pure and absolute bliss, and you hold on to it for dear life, and nurture that spark into a flame, and that flame into a fire, and that fire into a large as fuck inferno that pushes you out of your comfort zone?
you’ll be absolutely amazed at what you’ll accomplish.
You’ve got this, I believe in you, go for the gold. I’ll always have your back, no matter how much time passes, because that’s what true ones do.
If at any point in time I’ve made you laugh, made you smile, made you feel like, “I feel a little better” even for just a few moments, from that very first moment onward, even if we never talked in the same energy again, just know that I’m always rooting for you.
Anyways, this ain’t g’bye, never was, never will be, this here?
Just me starting a new project, a new book, game, album, piece of art. A new blog post.
As long as we keep each other alive in our hearts, minds, and dreams, there’s never really a moment where we’re ever apart.
And I suck at saying goodbye.
So I won’t, besides, my ass is all over the internet, you’ll see me again in one fashion or another.
Time to face the day, that sun is rising, and dear god in heaven, those colors are brilliant.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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