Need to write more

But I know that’s not gonna happen, because for the longest time, I’ve been told to shut thee hell up, no one cares, blah blah blah fucking blah.
That’s fine, I can understand where they come from, and yet I still don’t care, I mean, to a certain extent I do, but for the most part, I really don’t.

I thought that by cowing down to others demands/expectations, and wants, desires that I’d be more appreciated, on one form or another, but really, it just turned into a gradual mess of bullshit drama. you know how it goes.
“Don’t talk about Danyelle!”
Why not? she affected me in major ways, so inspiration is had where it’s had, not like it matters much anymore, if we enter each others orbit again, we enter each other orbit, merely passing by each other and not really much else.
“Don’t talk about what’s going on with you!”
Yeah, no, fuck that, I don’t really have many folks I can actually let loose with, so this is kind of my only option, so updates and what not are kind of needed, especially when other things are popping up, it’s not like anyone’s barging down going “HEY! TALK TO ME!” Or that kind of mess, you know?
Not to mention the constant fucking interruptions that’ve disrupted a majority of my creative projects for years at a time to the point where it’s kind of hard to pick up where I left off on certain books because I have abso-fucking-lutely no idea where the fuck I left off, not to mention some stories are only available on certain programs which I have no idea where I put the last save file or archive location, it becomes a bit of a hassle to track all that down, especially when I’ve got a shit ton of random places that i’ve stored a bunch of things and that becomes a headache all it’s own, nor the fact that certain recordings, vids, pics, are extremely temper-mental, so I can’t risk moving those items around or they’d pretty much self combust and there goes that piece of history.

“Don’t talk about family!”
“Don’t talk about work!”
“Don’t talk about friends!”
“Don’t talk about life!”
“Don’t talk about yourself!”
“Don’t talk about anything! Just focus on working, sleeping, and doing what I tell you!”

First off, fuck all that noise because this is pretty much how I get my shit off my fucking chest, secondly, no matter fucking what, I’ve got a lot of shit going on in my life that’s more or less bothering me, so why the hell wouldn’t I, as a man, need someplace to vent my frustrations?
While yeah, some may see it as attention seeking, pity me, blah blah blah, the fact of the matter is that no matter what your views are, you’d be hard pressed to be bullshitting yourself to fuck around the comments section like that.
For a long ass time, I’ve just been silent because of some of the shit I’ve been through, or the risk of an awkward as fuck moment that it’s just eh, whatevs.
At this point, with no one to really talk to that wouldn’t result in me getting ranted at for one reason or another, it just means I need to build myself back to where I was, because hey! No one’s gonna prop up my mood except myself, and I already know for a fact that if people read, they’re just going to read a few words and pop off, so it’s not really my concern how far down the rabbit hole they go, and there for, it’s not really my concern what actually gets revealed.
People tend to make things worse off than they actually, are.
this is the High Desert, no one really cares, we’re so busy trying not to fuck up our own shit that we really don’t care that much about other shit going on at the moment.
And I chose this format because, A) It’s boring, it’s not really attractive, and more often then not, people will only read if there’s something interesting to be learn.
B) I need to get back into this. Where else can I post my thoughts and slowly drain the dilluge of stupid bullshit that’s been building up for so very long? there’s a reason I took so long to get back into this, and more or less because there was always some kind of idiocy surrounding every post.
You know how there are people out there supporting your idea and others that’ll tear it down because they don’t like how you’re going about it? So they’ll talk you down, freeze those fires, and in general, do everything they possibly can to get you to stop, because it’s affecting how they go about their own days?
And the thing you’re doing, has absolutely nothing to do with them, you just started doing it because you found it interesting, and they just put up wall after wall after wall, and eventually, you just stop actually caring about it and figure its easier to give up that passion because then the headaches, the fighting, the arguments, the dumbassery will stop.
So it goes with everything, friendships, relationships, jobs, going out, buying food, getting stuff for yourself, so on and so forth, until you’re so overly paranoid about doing anything that you’d stop yourself from ever experiencing that sense of personal joy ever again, because you figure, the less you actually have going on, the less they have to complain about and then they complain about you not going and doing the things you gave up doing to stop them from complaining about.
So why bother limiting yourself based on the opinions of other people?

As long as what you’re doing isn’t hurting anyone, isn’t illegal, and both you and others are benefitting from it, why bother trying to please other people, because some people just don’t want to be fulfilled, sometimes there are certain percentages of people who live to be critical of others, even if they themselves don’t want to admit it, so to those that constantly fuck about the business of others without realizing their shit smells and tastes like shit themselves, kindly fuck yourself.

The rest of y’all are cool. It’s going to take me a while to boop to current events, because it’s always a slow ramping up to that kind of speed again, just how it goes, you know?

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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