The Corpse of July

Crimo III.
think about that name.
Think about the image.

This is the man who thought shooting up a parade is a good idea.
When isi t that the bodies of those lost to mass shootings will outweigh the NRA lobbyists, the Trumpsters screaming about 2nd amendment rights, the Gun nuts, and everyone else scrambling to protect their precious firearms?
When is it that people will finally get a clue, that todays mass shooters just see potential targets?

Their lives have been so fucked up that they no longer see a reason to live. Crimo III for whatever reason, lost his damned mind, apparrently the stupid fucker was addicted to mass shootings and rapped or shot videos about that shit all the time, and it’s fucking messed up.

The names of the victims… nah.
Kevin and Irina McArthy, 35 and 37, were two of the six lost that day, leaving behind a two year old little boy.

Think about that shit, in today weirdly violent society, or at least certain parts of it, death just happens. I mean, death happens everywhere, just fuckin everywhere, and it sucks when it does.
We’re never supposed to talk about our mortality, because it reminds us of just how fleeting our lives really are, none of us are immortal, and our late teens and early twenties we often want to live forever, to never die, to be invulnerable, to live infinitely,, and as we age and lose people, we tend to focus more, and more on the very real reality, that, yeah, we fucking will die at some point.
And though we try our best to avoid situations that might have that unfortunate yet unavoidable eventuality, it happens.
That kids going to be fucked up the rest of his life, and there’s no telling how he’s going to develop.
Robert Crimo III, is by far…. inconsequential, plain as the fucking nose on my face, inconsequential, he just highlights an ongoing problem, which isn’t that we’ve got a mental health crisis, no, it isn’t guns, it’s about the mockery, and the chain reaction that happens all over the place.
Actually, let’s not kid ourselves at this point, it is about guns, because what’s the one thing that all mass shooters have in common?
The fact that they had guns.
And bullets.
And lots of prep time.
So kind of like psycho batman in a way.

And you know I’m right, right?
It’s not just the fact they decided that particular day to snap and end of the lives of men, women, boys, and girls right?
School shooters, church shooters, move theater shooters, mall shooters, mass shooters, they’re all murderers, predestined to commit atrocities no matter what. And shits getting crazier all the time, slowly but surely, our collective subconscious is pushing us faster and faster towards total societal collapse as we know it currently.
Our obsession with post apocalyptical scenarios, zombie uprisings, purge scenarios, serial killers, murderers, monsters, freaks of every shape, size, variant, disease, discovering new ways of killing each other, and outside of that in general, just being an overly opinionated and egotistical YouTube commenter, all those things and more are slowly pushing us all in every society towards that situation we’re so desperate to see come to life.

Don’t deny it either.
We’re programmed genetically for direct or indirect violence at our very core.
We fight for survival every second of everyday, at every level.
We fight each other for work, pay, better pay, better positions, better work, better advertising, marketing, product development, to keep our jobs, to be safe, respect, better working conditions, and more.
We fight each other for better views, likes, posts, content, creations, for others opinions of us to better then others, to be better than other people, to get the hotter guy or gal, to have more sex, the better car, house, job, games, electronics, latest and best, to have better bodies.
We fight for better health, better child care, better supplements, the latest trends and more.
And the list keeps going on, we fight each other just to fight each other and then there’s the fact that we fight ourselves, fuck, even during sex we fight each other in such a way that we don’t even call it fighting, we just call it various levels of BDSM, and that’s just the stuff we fight for!

We fight against each other, and the violent urges that plague our minds by inflicting violence against each other virtually and societally acceptable ways! Fighting and boxing games, paintball, airsoft, and laser tag, wrestling, boxing, fencing, jousting, and holy shit the endless ways that board games themselves are like, “Yeah, enjoy the madness.”
The point being that humans are endlessly competitive with each other to the point where we actively bully each other in acceptable and justified ways until it hits the societally unacceptable way, and it’s only then and there that we go, “Wait, that ain’t right!”
So, what happens to the losers of the losers of the losers of those repeated competitions, who get pushed so far down the ranks and feel so utterly useless that for them, the societal norms and rules they just don’t or can’t with them anymore?
They snap, they get what they can, and they go out in a blaze of self declared glory, as they see it, they’ve got nothing left to lose, and so justify their own self hatred by no longer seeing others as people, and merely targets to take down before they themselves are hopefully gunned down.
then there’s the fucked up thing.

Black loses.
White wins.

Let that sink in.

Black loses.
White wins.

In truth, the scales are equal. Both win and lose at the same time.

If those that lose their minds are black or anything other then white, they themselves are gunned down.
If those that lose their minds are white, only if the level of atrocity they commit is bad enough are they gunned down.
There is a section of society, a slowly decreasing percentage of whites collectively, that still holds true the belief that white makes right. These people are struggling to hold on, to get society back to their standard, that they actively and blatantly, protest the progress that society has made.
Donald john Trump, politics aside, is a lightning rod for what we “Educated” deem “Uneducated”, truth is, we all have similar levels of education, but the lightning rod for the de-evolution of progressive rights, levels of equality and the reduction for anti-racist/prejudice/discrimination rhetoric, practices, and beliefs, has become a sort of martyr by the more extreme.
Robert Crimo III held true to this lightning rod, and was repeatedly pushed down the societal ladder ranks to get to this point. Both directly and indirectly. His home life sucked, his fathers failed political campaign further sucked, his personal life sucked, his content sucked, his self confidence sucked, everything was a loss for him, and even his small victories of producing content, they, societally acceptable things to focus on, they sucked as well.
There is never any justification for this level of violence, this level of subconscious humiliation, this level of finger pointing, of blame, of insults, of self perceived anger and self hatred, but this person was pressed, pressured cooked and finally couldn’t take it so he let loose.
If he were black, because of his actions, he’d’ve been shot the moment those police arrived.
But, he was taken in, sentenced, and that was that.

An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.
As many bullets as were sent away, any mass shooter of any level should receive, from the feet upward, and it should be public as well to send a message to those of a similar mindset, at similar points in their lives, that this kind of thing will not be tolerated. A bullet for every name of the injured, and a bullet for every name of the deceased.
IF mass shooters wish their deaths to be legendary, to be talked about, for them to be martyrs, then have their deaths be carried out by the families of their victims, both surviving and deceased.
The fourth of July, that most special of days that celebrates our independence, and yes, violence is very much celebrated as well, seems to have a shadow on it as well.

Every day of the year, to a select few, every hour, every minute, every second, has death attached to it at some level, for a few people, or to a majority of people. The corpses of July 4rth, and the name of the man that took them, will be remembered, but not for the reason he wanted.
Because after all of that, we still fight for good we see in all people.
Love is the greatest tool we have available, and it’s only through love that people can heal, be healed, and be forgiven for their past mistakes.
Love is the tool that keeps us moving forward, and love will be ultimately, the thing that keeps us away from the grim dark wars of the future that we are so craving.
Because once that love is lost, so are we.
So keep loving each other, and keep fighting for the good you see in others.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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