No means no.

When I say no to something I mean it.
This does not mean try again forty more times with various accounts thinking that’s going to get the job done.
this does not mean try and be sneaky about it.
this does not mean, “Not right now, but maybe later.”
No means no.
If I previously gave you something, but then I stopped for personal reasons and you continue on acting as if that’s my issue to deal with, when in fact, it’s very much a you problem, it will never truly be a me problem, because you’ve tried so many different times to get a different result from me, with VERY little success.
the only thing I will do for you is give you my time, my attention, affection, and advice on a few other things. as well as resources to help you out.

That’s what I will give, I will not give anything financially, nor will I give anything personal information wise.
I’m not some lonely, depressed, old man anymore.
What you did to me, what you put me through, what you both took from and instilled into me, changed me into the man I am today, and though it may have worked to your detriment, it has been a massive step away from that sad sack of a person I used to be.

However you, personally, view my achievements, my tragedies, my successes and my victories, is ultimately up to you, because you will never truly know me, unless you’ve lived my life, and likewise, I will never truly know you unless I do the same.
When I say no to something, I say it not to punish, nor to dissuade, but to establish my own boundaries and strengthen those that might’ve weakened.
How can we progress as people if we don’t protect ourselves while at the same time, teach others to grow in the same way?

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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