I’m staring at my copy of The Silver Eyes

To be honest, I don’t know what to expect.I’ve already burnt my way through 49 to 50 pages of it, and it’s REALLY good, I’m not even fucking around on that point, but why the double spacing? the book in total is 464 pages in length, but without the double spacing, it’s only a decent 262, 261 if we’re being generous. That’s about the length of “birth of change”

That’s alright? I guess? I’m not sure. Look, if it’s just to pad the page count, then just add more story. I don’t know if you got caught up in the momentum of writing and simply forgot that you’re kinda supposed to set it to single space, maybe he thought we wouldn’t be able to read it if it were single spaced? I dunno, but i find that I’m wasting more energy by increased unneeded movement of my eyes, and it really does kinda take away from the experience when half a second is spent going to the next line.

I know that’s not much, but in the long run, it does add up.  I might do a read through for a video series, could be interesting!